13/05/2017/Time to fLEAP out!/Gallery club

Time to fLEAP out!FB_IMG_1494167591482
So basically, everything we’ve learnt in the last three days is nothing more than the power of
believing in your (in)abilities. And everything we’ve learnt from our embarassing years of heavy
drinking is that you start to believe in yourself (among everything else) right after that third or
fourth shot for which you said will never happen.
Well, it happened. And now there’s no going back. Like you’d ever want to go back.
Nontheless, you’re getting cocky by now and you see that other girl drinking with the guy you
like. What you do?
Ofcourse! Ofcourse you tell him she’s underaged!
And then, to show him you’re completely independent (besides going to toilet with wolfpack of
your girls), you buy him a drink, and enjoy your first little victory right there!
Rules are simple, put your LEAP summit bracelet around your hand and get in for free, don’t be
annoying because DJ won’t play the Barbie girl for you and finally, have the best night possible!

This party should more or less sound like mainstream/pop/r’n’b/house
All the credits go to the DJ Joe2shine

In case you don’t have the bracelet, entrance fee is 30kn.
See you on Saturday at Gallery Club!

Reservations: 0994442444